Bryan Duncan



Bryan Duncan's: 1current albums and new videos 2) friends (SFOM) and new songs.

     Bryan Duncan has 17 solo albums, featuring 16 number-one radio hits and more than 1.2 million records sold. His music, which spans PopGospel , SoulBlues, CCM, Smooth Jazz, and Christmas genres, has garnered numerous awards, including a Grammy. He released seven albums with Sweet Comfort Band and three with the NehoSoul Band.

      Duncan’s latest album is The Live Experience. He is doing concerts and releasing videos in support of his new album. He’s already begun work on his next album, which will include the moving tribute, Remember My Mother, and the inspiring song I Will Shine

     Discover how Bryan Duncan serves individualschurchesbroadcasters, and charitiesClick here to invite Bryan Duncan to do a concert, service, or event.

     Bryan Duncan loves to sing and share his songs, solowith a full band and singers, and with So Good For The Soul. Call 253-874-8400, or contact Christopher Redner, to book Bryan Duncan for concerts, services, events, media interviews, or other activities.

Bryan Duncan's: 1current albums and new videos, 2friends (SFOM) and new songs.